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Awe Home Services, LLC is a Wisconsin Dwelling Licensed Contractor and owned by husband and wife Bob and Mary Awe. They have twenty-five years experience working on a wide variety of home remodeling projects. We can help with design & layout as well as selection of materials & fixtures. We sell Merillat cabinets & all major name brand plumbing fixtures. If you have a project list you need to get done, but don't have the time or the right tools, Awe Home Services can help.


Located in Watertown, Wisconsin, Awe Home Services serves the entire south-eastern and south-central Wisconsin area, including Madison and Milwaukee and we look forward to the possibilities of working with you!


Awe Home Services can be reached at:

phone: 920-206-2751

email: maryawe@charter.net

fax: 708-221-7179

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